Watercolour Botanical Layering Tutorial

Zoe has prepared this step-by-step succulents watercolour painting, to show simply how to use a technique called colour layering. We will practice this new skill in our Botanical Workshop, but why not try this at home, or better, in your garden? When you feel confident, here is a bit more of a challenge:

Plants Doodle and Magazine Collage

One of our favourite illustration things to do is to mix doodle and magazines. This project is great fun to assemble, and also make great greeting cards (on sale on our Etsy Shop). We’re happy to share a FREE example sheet to download. You will need: Magazine pictures of plants or flowers A4 white card… Continue Reading →

Rainbow Dreamcatcher

We really enjoyed making this tutorial video for Guildhall Shopping and Dining, and thought to share it here for inspire you to make this super cute little craft. They are giving away 100 Rainbow Dreamcatcher crafting packs created by Bunyip Crafts. We’re looking forward to posting more tutorials on our youtube channel soon with our… Continue Reading →

Hexagon Cards

These hexagon cards are made with a simple hexagon cutter and pieces of inspiring cards or paper. Created these is like making a small puzzle of colours and prints and it is hugely addictive! You will need: Vaessen hexagon punch Blank white card Coloured and patterned cards (matt covers of magazines work well) Punch a… Continue Reading →

Christmas Doodle Colouring

To celebrate the Festive Season and the start of the holiday, here is a free Festive Doodle to download (link below) and colour. You could use silver, bronze and gold metallic pens to add sparkle to your drawing. Have fun and Merry Christmas!

Wacky Portraits

This was a hit at our Halloween Workshop. Our young artists enjoyed creating wacky and spooky portraits from magazine cutouts tremendously! You will need: Old magazines Coloured card Black fine-liner and metallic pens Scissors and glue cut out images of mirrors and old framed pictures/portraits from magazines or draw your own fancy frames and use… Continue Reading →

Witches Fashion

‘What is the latest trend in Witches fashion?’ You might wonder. This week to celebrate Halloween, we have created a fun project to print out at home! You will need: Witches and wizard templates below Colouring pens fabric, magazines glue scissors print out your witches and wizards template cut out your figures and stick them… Continue Reading →

Dia de Los Muertos Mask

A fun Halloween project for this festive and spooky week. Free template to download below! print off and cut out your ‘Day of the Dead’ Mexican mask snip along the ‘cut’ lines and cut out your eye holes hole punch each side for your elastic fasten decorate your mask with patterns and shapes or add… Continue Reading →

Rainbow Hummingbird

A nice little transfer technique activity for all kinds of age, this sweet bird picture will make a nice picture or a card. You will need: Half a sheet of tracing paper or a glossy white paper Wax crayons A4 card Washi tape/decorators tape Colour thick stripes of colours on your tracing paper, press hard… Continue Reading →

Moth Colouring Book

It is Moth Week and at Art Club Exeter, we are celebrating  Lepidoptera (insects including butterflies and moths), by taking a beautiful journey through the unique Moth Colouring Book by local young artist Josie Southam. Josie is kindly sharing one of her colouring creations in a free pdf to download at the bottom of this… Continue Reading →

Monster Mash

We had a lot of Neon Stars in our supplies, and it was invitation for new fun projects. Neon Pufferfish was a hit amongst our young artists. Younger children love a wacky and friendly monster with an extra serving of googly eyes! You will need Neon ‘price stars’ or neon card. Scissors Glue Pipe cleaners… Continue Reading →

Paper Pompom

One quick and colourful little summer project, to cheer up an indoors day! This is a simple technique that you can use for all kinds of ball decorations. We did a bauble with recycled Christmas cards last year. You will need: 3 inches circle hole punch or a circle template of 3 inches. Colourful papers… Continue Reading →

Painted Poppies

It’s so freeing sometimes to get the paints out with no fixed intention. We regularly cover the table with a big sheet and get creating. Mark-making is a playful way to paint and experiment with paint-brushes. This project plays on impressions of the brush on the paper and colours. You will need: ~ Poster paint/watercolour/ink… Continue Reading →

Gaudi Froggy Mosaic

Gaudi is a great Artist to introduce children to the art of assembling colours and patterns abstractly. We made this Gaudi style paper mosaic collage using the tiles section of an old interior design magazine. You will need: ~ An old magazine (World of Interiors is ideal with its thick glossy paper) ~ PVA glue… Continue Reading →

Beach Art

What is more meditative than collecting shells and driftwood on the beach? Time for some Beach Art! Lots of materials to draw from on the beach. Take a stroll along the shore and collect natural treasures to create your ‘beach art’. Use drift wood to frame your picture or create trees or boat shapes. Choose… Continue Reading →

Garland Girl

Summer is here! Take inspiration from blooming gardens and create your own ‘Garland Girl’. Find some images of flowers in old books and magazines. You could look online to print some images out or even draw your own.  On your paper sketch a face and hair. Look at pictures of faces to help you draw… Continue Reading →

Toucan Collage

At the Art Club we love an animal collage. This project uses tissue paper to give your animal some texture and colour. You will need: ~ White A4 card or paper. ~ Glue (Pritt Stick or PVA) ~ Tissue paper ~ Googly eyes Draw your own Toucan or use the stencil to draw round on… Continue Reading →

Crockery Designs

Crockery designs from the past inspired this watercolour painting project. Our cupboards are filled with these intricate, stylised, floral designs, and they make a good model for watercolour practice. You will need: ~ A4 card/watercolour paper ~ Watercolour or ink ~ Paintbrush ~ Pencil and rubber ~ Black fine-liner ~ Your favourite bit of crockery… Continue Reading →

Paint and Paper Flowers

Painted paper scraps are a little treasure stash we love building and using. We make them patterned for some projects or we keep random scraps for abstract work. We made these flowers by using paper that we used for watercolour mark-making practice. You will need: ~ Normal white or pastel colour A4 paper ~ Watercolour/poster… Continue Reading →

Beautiful Bugs

They are the little beauties buzzing and crawling around our gardens, or in the pages of an old magazine… This is a quick way of creating fabulous little critters: magazine and fine-liner doodle. You will need: ~ An old magazine ~ Scissors ~ Fine-liner ~ Glue Find textures and patterns in an old magazine or… Continue Reading →

Simple Bugs

Insects are a great way to practice drawing symmetrically. Take this doodle as a mini training for eye and hand. You will need: ~ A4 card ~ Pencil and eraser ~ Watercolour/Ink/Colouring pencils ~ Paintbrush ~ Black fine-liner Find pictures of insects in a book or online. Draw them while giving them their bodies simple… Continue Reading →

Neon Puffer Fish

Oh we do love a sea creature! We’ve been trying to find things to do with the big Neon Stars that I had a stationary leftover. Lucas made up a patterned sea monster and we’ve also made a puffer fish. You will need: ~ A big neon star (or use template below on coloured/neon paper)… Continue Reading →

Paper Guys and Dolls

Let’s be Fashion Designers for a day! Lots of decisions to make: what shape, colour, pattern for your outfit? What accessories? Zoe has created lots of options for you to dress your paper doll or guy in the templates below. You will need: ~ Old magazines ~ Scissors ~ Glue Cut out the figure templates… Continue Reading →

Pen and Paper Portrait

In our people’s series, we’re taking a look at others and ourselves. This project will give you a chance to have a go at one of art oldest’s drawing practice: self-portrait! You will need: ~ A4 card ~ Tissue paper ~ Black fine-liner ~ Glue Sit in front of a mirror and practice drawing yourself… Continue Reading →

Comic Style Cosmonaut

The new theme of the week is people and places: plenty of fun to be had! We start off with this stunning fine-liner illustration, which a good practice for comic illustrators-to-be. You will need: ~ Graph paper or the template below ~ Black Fine-Liner ~ Watercolour paint or pencils ~ Paintbrush Use the Astronaut print… Continue Reading →

Butterfly Bunting

Here is a simple project to create an original and cheerful bunting. You will need: ~ Coloured or patterned paper ~ String or yarn ~ Glue ~ Scissors Collect together coloured and patterned papers. These could be from spare magazines or bits of wrapping paper. Use your butterfly stencil to draw lots of butterflies onto… Continue Reading →

Honeycomb and Bee

A bit of geometric play, painting and drawing with this project that makes a great greeting cards for the Spring/Summer. You will need: ~ Half an A4 card folded in two ~ Watercolour/Ink/Colouring pencils ~ Paintbrush ~ Black Fine-Liner Print out the hexagon template below. Cut out one hexagon for your stencil/template. Draw 3 staggered… Continue Reading →

Paper Butterfly

We’ve made these butterflies to brighten up our bedroom. You can also make hearts with the template below.  You can either make use your butterfly collage with tissue paper or with magazine strips. You will need:  ~ White A4 card or cardboard (cereal box or other). ~ Glue (Pritt Stick or PVA) ~ Tissue paper… Continue Reading →

Butterfly Collection

This week is all about our favoured garden winged creatures, moths, butterflies and bees. We’re creating a collection of butterflies to hang on your wall. For a lovely vintage effect, we paint or draw them on a circle cutout of a book page. You will need: ~ Old book pages ~ A pencil and eraser… Continue Reading →

Midcentury Style Doodle

Doodling is meditative and taps into raw creativity. It is a mini-flow experience that helps reconnect with the child within us. You will need: ~ A4 watercolour sheet cut in half. ~ Watercolour pencils or paint, or ink. ~ Paintbrushes ~ Black fine-liner Paint (or draw with your watercolour pencils) different irregular shapes. Let the… Continue Reading →

Urban Collage

Why not use a collection of eclectic house pictures as building blocks to make your own cityscape? You will need:~ Old magazines ~ Scissors ~ Glue Look through magazines for images of buildings and building materials such as bricks,wood and stone. Cut out different sized rectangles to represent houses, apartment blocks, shops and other buildings… Continue Reading →

Pattern Landscapes

Make your pen and pencils travel in all directions, with this pattern drawing activity. You’re the master of your imaginary domain when creating these wavy, stripy and starry patterns. You will need:  ~ Card or paper ~ Scissors ~ Black fine-liners ~ Neon highlighters, felt pens, colouring pencils TREE Have a go at drawing your… Continue Reading →

Picture Window

We’re exploring different views and horizons this week. We thought it would be fun to create imaginary landscapes to ornate your home, that become windows opening onto other worlds. Working from triangle shape, we make a mountain scenery with landscape pictures from magazines. You will need: ~ Old magazines ~ Half A4 card cut horizontally… Continue Reading →

Inside/Out Planet

Our theme this week is landscapes and cityscapes. This cut out collage plays with positive and negative shapes creating a simple but striking piece of paper art. You will need: ~ Two different coloured pieces of paper: one larger than the other ~ A pencil ~ Scissors ~ Glue On your smaller piece of paper… Continue Reading →

Plants and Pots

A quick doodle during the day helps finding peace and quiet. You will need: ~ A4 Card ~ Watercolour paint, colouring pencils or ink ~ Black fine-liner pencil Take a piece of plain card and use any colouring materials to draw or paint different sized plant pots or vase shapes leaving space above each for… Continue Reading →

Lovely Leaf

Bring the outdoors in with this lovely leaf collage! You will need: ~ Paper scraps from old magazines, books, textured etc. ~ Scissors ~ Glue On A4 card draw a leaf shape. Gather scraps of coloured and textured papers and use magazines and old books. Cut different lengths of fine triangular strips and lay them… Continue Reading →

Coast Path

We are all missing our beach trips, coast path rambles and sea views from craggy cliffs so we are taking our beautiful South West coastline for inspiration and bringing the coast to us! You will need: ~ Old magazines or painted papers ~ Scissors ~ Glue ~ Old frame Do you have any beach holiday… Continue Reading →

Imagine Box

Create a fantastic world inside an old shoe box and have hours of fun and play. You will need: ~ Old shoebox ~ Old magazine ~ Pompoms ~ Yarn ~ Animal or toys Choose a theme for your ‘imagine box’: future, under the sea, horses, rainforest, etc. Find some animal or figures that match your… Continue Reading →

Fantastic Foliage Faces

Not all art is art you can keep. Some you can make to enjoy for moment. Your material for this activity is what you will gather on a walk in your local park. Take a nature walk and gather some leaves, twigs, branches, cones and a few flowers (making sure you leave plenty for the… Continue Reading →

Cardboard Animals

Recycling time again and a bit of painting too. It’s always useful to collect toiler rolls as they are ideal to create little fun character. You will need: ~ Toilet rolls ~ Poster paint ~ Paintbrushes ~ Glue Collect some toilet roll cardboard inners and decide what characters or animals you’d like to create. They… Continue Reading →

Creature Camouflage

Get lost in creating your own creature camouflage! You will need: ~ A4 Card or Paper ~ Pencil ~ Colouring pencils Collect different leaf shapes from your garden or take a nature walk. Draw around them on your page making sure the shapes overlap. Where the lines overlap new shapes will appear for you to… Continue Reading →

Bookish Hipsters

A bit of drawing this time with these super cool cats (and rabbits). Drawing on old book pages makes a quirky background for colouring pencil creations. Why not have a go? You will need: ~ Old book pages or newspaper ~ Colouring pencils ~ Pencil ~ Metallic marker (optional) Find an old book or some… Continue Reading →

Volunteers Needed: Headbands for Medical Staff

We are crafters as you might know and we’ve been seeing for a couple of weeks on social media that medical staff needed headbands for their long shifts wearing masks. The masks hurt their ears and a great device to avoid this is a headband with buttons on the sides where they can hook the… Continue Reading →

Vintage Paper Chain

Do you have scrap paper, spare magazines or an old book lying around? Cutting and assembling lovely old scraps is our most addictive art activity. You will need: ~ Old illustrated book, magazines, scrap paper ~ Scissors ~ Stapler or tape Cut your papers into lots of strips, curl them round into a circle and… Continue Reading →

Newspaper Unicorn

We are super magpies at the Art Club, and we squirrel away all types of shiny, colourful and interesting bits. So when we stumble upon an exciting project we can dress it up glamorously. Like this very colourful Unicorn! You will need: ~ Old newspaper ~ A4 card or paper for background ~ Glue ~… Continue Reading →

Fishy Collage

Animal collages are one of our favourite activities at the Art Club. Zoe has made stunning little composition, for you to play with. It can be used as an inspiration to make all sorts of animals! You will need: ~ White A4 card for the background. ~ Scraps of coloured paper or card. ~ Old… Continue Reading →

Tropical Colouring

Get your colouring pencils ready! With these beautiful make-you-own colour-by-number sheets you can choose brilliant colours for your tropical animals! Print off your animal outline. Make your own colour chart in the boxes and number them. Write your numbers in the different drawn areas of your animal. Follow your colour code to fill in the… Continue Reading →

Shapely Elephant

This beautiful elephant collage is made of simple shapes cut out in contrasting papers and card. Make sure you gather different texture and colour paper: shiny, vivid colours and dull (cardboard). You will need: ~ Coloured, patterned paper, recycled cardboard ~ Coloured card for background ~ Scissors ~ Glue Cut out the different parts from… Continue Reading →

Watercolour Doodle

Doodle time! Let your imagination guide you and use this technique to create fun animals, monsters and other creatures. You will need:  ~ Watercolour paper or A4 Card from Poundland ~ Watercolour pencils or any paint of your choice or coloured ink. ~ Black fine-liner ~ Paint brush Using watercolour paper, thick paper or card. Use different coloured inks,… Continue Reading →

Fun Easter Activities

This week, we’ve shared 4 fun and cheerful Easter activities to decorate your garden and house. ~ This neon Funky Bunny will brighten up the place. And it also comes with fabulous glasses! ~ We’re decorating our street with this easy paper Bunting. ~ These colourful Recycled Cardboard Chicks are incredibly cute! ~ We’re also… Continue Reading →

Tweeting Birds

We’re big fans of animal collages. Spring and Easter are full of bird songs in our gardens and streets. This picture captures their cheerful tweets. You will need: ~ A4 white card or paper ~ Old magazines pictures of flowers ~ Black fine-liner ~ Scissors ~ Glue Use your bird stencil to draw round and… Continue Reading →

Cardboard Chicks

These are irresistibly cute, aren’t they? Very cheap to make too! Time to rummage through your recycling bin and fish out some cardboard. You’ll need: ~ Cardboard ~ Paint ~ Paintbrush ~ Old (bamboo) stick ~ Scissors ~ Glue Find some cardboard, you could use the inside of cereal or food packets. Draw your Easter… Continue Reading →

Diamond Bunting

Bunting are such an easy and colourful way to decorate the house and garden for Easter. Here is a simple project to create an original and cheerful bunting. You will need: ~ Coloured or patterned paper ~ String or yarn ~ Glue ~ Scissors Collect together coloured and patterned papers. These could be from spare… Continue Reading →

Zoom Pictionary

As children are increasingly missing seeing their friends, we’ve been trying to find ways for them to play online and bond again through games. We successfully played Bingo and Lego challenges on Zoom this weekend, and today we made up our own version of Pictionary for Zoom. You can download a pdf of the game… Continue Reading →

Paper Flower ‘LOVE’

Get you scissors ready for composing this gorgeous floral ‘LOVE’ sign. Collect different coloured papers and draw a variety of leaf, flower and circle shapes in a mix of sizes. Use scissors to cut fine pieces out of your circles to create a stylised flower head adding circles to make a centre. Similarly snip along… Continue Reading →

Bright Heart

We’ve made these hearts to brighten up our windows. You can also make butterflies with the template below. You will need:  ~ White A4 card or cardboard (cereal box or other). ~ Glue (Pritt Stick or PVA) ~ Tissue paper ~ Googly eyes Draw your own heart/butterfly or use the stencil to draw round on… Continue Reading →

Big Cat Collage

At the Art Club we love an animal collage. This project uses tissue paper to give your animal some texture and colour. You will need: ~ White A4 card or paper. ~ Glue (Pritt Stick or PVA) ~ Tissue paper ~ Googly eyes Draw your own Big Cat or use the stencil to draw round… Continue Reading →

Salty Seagull

A bit of seaside fun with this cheeky seagull project, with a lot room for creativity too. ~ White card paper ~ Coloured background paper ~ Post-it notes ~ Glue ~ Coloured pencils ~ Scissors Cut out your seagull, hat, boots and cloud stencils. Use the templates to draw round on white paper/card and cut… Continue Reading →

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