Paper Windmill

For a cheerful dash of colour in your garden or on a windowsill, try this little paper project! You will need: ~ coloured paper/card ~ split pins or a button tied to a bit of yarn. ~ plastic straws ~ scissors Print out the template below and cut it out. Trace the square of your… Continue Reading →

Terrarium and Trees

At the Art Club, we love foliage, flowers and nature. Two little projects here to brighten up your interior with some exterior! You will need: ~ Watercolour paper or A4 Card from Poundland (give us a shout if you don’t any of these and will find a way to deliver in St James at least!) ~ Watercolour… Continue Reading →

Millenium Falcon Collage

One for the geeky kids! This a great cheap and simple way of created this iconic Star Wars spaceship: with cardboard and old magazines. You will need: ~Large piece of cardboard (ie inside of a cereal packet) ~ 3 different sized circles to draw round; plates, saucers, lids etc. ~ Magazines or different tones of… Continue Reading →

‘LOVE’ Sign

Let’s spread some LOVE today! This paint project is easy, colourful and fun, and a nice one to display at your window. Plus, you can two signs with one. You will need: ~ Cardboard ~ Masking tape (or ‘frog’ decorators tape), or washi tape ~ Paint and paint brushes ~ Cotton buds, corks, toilet rolls,… Continue Reading →

Glam Fox and Cat Postcard

This is a cute, quick and easy project to make a postcard for any occasion. You will need: ~ Watercolour paper or A4 Card from Poundland ~ Watercolour pencils or any watercolour of your choice or coloured ink. ~ Watercolour paintbrushes ~ Black fine-liner (Stabilo ’88’) ~ Pencil Fold your A4 card into 2 and… Continue Reading →

Pattern Fun

Patterns are an exciting way to exercise your creativity and play with abstraction. We have prepared 4 different supports to colourful or black white patterned doodles. You will need: ~ Card or paper ~ Scissors ~ Black fine-liners ~ Neon highlighters, felt pens, colouring pencils LEAF Use the template to copy, or find some leaves… Continue Reading →

Barcode Robot

Now more than ever is time to look into your cupboards and recycling bins for materials to make art at home. Hunt around the house for barcodes to create these fun little robots: You will need ~ Cardboard ~ Paper. ~Recycled materials: cereal boxes, food packets, newspapers etc. ~ Scissors ~ Glue Cut out different… Continue Reading →

Funky Fish

You’ll need: ~ Scissors ~ Coloured paper ~ White background paper ~ Post-it notes ~ Glue Cut out the 7 parts of the fish. Use them to draw around on coloured papers. Cut out the pieces and place them back together to create your fish body. Glue them on to your background paper. Cut out… Continue Reading →

Busy List for Kids

Things to do at home: Books and Stories: BorrowBox: You can borrow audiobooks online and via an app from your local library with your library login. Lots of choice from Tom Gates to Captain Underpants and many less known titles and authors. BBC School podcasts has lots of hidden quality stories told in a very… Continue Reading →

Summer Term Schedule

We always get very excited when concocting our new plans for the Kids Art Club. For this last term, we will apply the different techniques and styles we have learnt so far to new themes. Among others, we’ll explore cities and worlds, monsters and robots, people, heroes and villains. We’ll draw, and paint, build, glue… Continue Reading →

Spring Term Calendar Part 2

Spring is around the corner, at least it is in our program. We will try to ease the transition of seasons from grey to green, with splashes of colour, wacky collages, feathers, rocks, and above all plenty of good vibes. Here’s a sneaky peak at our Pinterest board.

Cat and Cactus

Last week at the Art Club, we drew all sorts of quirky pictures using simple pattern techniques. The children particularly enjoyed sitting calmly and following the lines they created from an abstract space of their imagination. We are starting to realise that the Art Club is a haven for our young artists after school where… Continue Reading →

Wonky Faces

”But it’s not symmetrical!” Benji exclaimed as we set up to prepare these Abstract Art projects for next week’s session. We sat to look at Pablo Picasso’s Cubist portraits and African masks which they really enjoyed, symmetrical or not! Again next week, there will be lots of fun to be have at the Kids Art… Continue Reading →

Mesmerising Patterns

Next Wednesday, at the Art Club we are coming back to pen and paper. We’ll be talking the children through these lovely illustrations. There will also be simpler and fun pattern projects for our youngest artists.

Another Dimension

Tomorrow, we’re exploring another dimension: we’re jumping into 3D and we will be building abstract sculptures. Come and join us at 3.45 in Belmont Hut.

Newspaper Art

The Art Club for Kids is back, and we had promising new talents joining us yesterday. We are exploring new techniques and medias this year, and yesterday we played with paper collages. Our young artists were very absorbed in their cutting and pasting. At times, we almost could have heard a pin drop, except that… Continue Reading →

Christmas Recycling

Christmas is full of sweet traditions: the food, the cards, the presents, the crackers, the crown… More people are now opting out the wasteful use of crackers, manufactured cards and crackers. If you’re not giving up fully of these Christmas treats, there are lots of good ways to recycle into original kids art projects. In… Continue Reading →

Spring Term 2020 Calendar

Winter term is coming to an end with our last session next Wednesday dedicated to making original and colourful recycled Xmas decorations. Meanwhile, we’ve been busy crafting a series of exciting sessions to keep us engaged during the dull months of January and February. In January, we will start with another session of collage, as… Continue Reading →

Looking for the Next Picasso

At the Art Club, we’re always looking for new talent! We’re finishing this first term with two special Christmas craft sessions. Already, we’re working on our schedule of activities for the Spring Term. There will be sculptures, mobiles, birds, pebble art, abstract art, you name it! We’re brimming with ideas, so bring your talent and… Continue Reading →

Monsters and Flowers

On Wednesday morning, I sharpened watercolour pencils while Zoe sketched some not so grizzly monsters and not too tricky flowers, as samples for our session. On the menu for the evening, was a self portrait ornate with tissue paper as well as monsters and flowers watercolour doodles. The children worked calmly, quietly, engrossed in their… Continue Reading →

We’re Keeping Xmas Fresh

Two special Christmas sessions coming up to end this first exciting term at the Art Club. On the 4th December, we’re designing cards using different techniques: collage, watercolour, stencils. On the 11th December, we’re making decorations and gift paper. It will then be a wrap for the Art Club in 2019. We’ve been planning our… Continue Reading →

Making Prints

Last week print making was busy. Fifteen little artists joined us, and they were very enthusiastic about paint! We almost ran at of paper because they were making as many projects as they could. It was hectic, messy and fantastic. A real creative vibe going!

Watercolour Play

On Wednesday, the children had a go at watercolour painting. They started with off with a simple abstract art. Then, when they got the hang of this simple technique, they started colouring around their names. I was very impressed with how they sat so nicely throughout the session and were calmly engaged with their work.

After-School Cake & Art

Snacks at the Art Club are 100% homemade. Our staple after-school cake is a wholemeal banana bread.  Our young Artists are famished after school, and they raid our snack bar every week!

World in Boxes – Dioramas

So we brought in shoe boxes, trays brimming with crafty bits and bobs, and collage themed backgrounds elegantly composed by Zoe. Then, the children’s imagination took over and the boxes turned into a world of their own making. They were really excited about playing little masters of their universe for an evening. The results were… Continue Reading →

Birthday Parties

We also organise your children’s Art and Craft Birthday Party at your home. We will customise our activities around the interest of your children. Contact us for more information and a quote:

Diorama/Imagine Box

This Wednesday 6th of November, we will be creating some fabulous and fantastic Dioramas/Imagine Boxes. We will use shoe boxes to conjure up imaginary little worlds. We will bring shoe boxes but we might not have enough for all. Could you try and bring one or two for your child’s Dioramas? Also, bring objects that… Continue Reading →

Halloween Paper Craft

On the eve of Halloween, the children made exquisite spooky paper creations. We were delighted to see what they made of the different crafts we had prepared for them. Paper pumpkins took a life of their own, and became cute, scary and enchanted.

Art Club Launched!

Oh, what a lovely after-school Art session this was! Children and their parents came and visited the new Art Club in Belmont Hut from different corners of Exeter. Some from Stoke Hill, some from St Leonards, some from Clyst St Mary, some from St Thomas and some from Newtown School nearby. All ages, boys and… Continue Reading →

Autumn Term Schedule

From cute animal collages, to watercolour illustrations, our first Autumn Term is packed with exciting projects. Check out the program for this Autumn Term You will find us in Belmont Park Hut on Wednesdays 3.45 to 4.30* Drop-in session £5 – Autumn Term (7 sessions) £31.50 *Depending on demand, we will open other sessions, other… Continue Reading →

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