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Our fun and innovative workshops are designed with creativity and well being in mind and set in a relaxed and social environment with no expectation of skill or previous art experience! Each session hosts a theme and includes a variety of projects designed to encourage experimentation with different creative techniques. Enticing tables of art materials and inspiration are arranged for you to choose from and create away independently with us on hand to guide.

We’re hosting regular Art Club for Adults sessions and workshops in various venues in Exeter.

Pura Vida on Wells Street (facing St Sidwell school).

Check out our Events Calendar to see what is coming up.

Here is more about Zoe Barlow, the artist and designer leading the art sessions in cooperation with Sophie Legrand.

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“My friend Charlotte and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. A lovely welcome awaited us, everything was so well prepared and clearly a great deal of planning and organisation had taken place in order for it to be such a success.

Big 5 stars from us and do keep us informed of future events!”


Botanical Workshop

For plants and succulent lovers. This workshop will plunge us in a world of all shades of green. We will use magazine collage, drawing, ink, watercolours, paper cut.

Check out our Botanical Workshop page as well.

Geometric Collage

A play with shapes, colours and textures. We’ll create some striking composition by superposing collages.

Dans La Maison

Art inspired by domestic living: from the market to the cupboard.

We’ll be painting fruits and vegetables as well crockery, but we’ll also experiment with Matisse interior collages.

Feline and Flora

Wild and tamed cat lovers will celebrate their feline friends with this playful workshop. It will feature some collages, watercolours, paper cut art.

Wacky Collage Portraits

We dare you not to giggle. Wacky collages are the perfect antidote to the any type of blues. They are an uplifting way of creating unique, whimsical and hilarious portraits.

Abstract Collage and Printed Paper

A bit of technique, mess and free-flow for this session, as we are experimenting with paints, patterns and textures to create a variety papers to use in a series of abstract collages.

Birds, Butterflies and Bugs

A bit of the texture and textile session, to conjure up delicate and colourful winged creatures.

“And I’m Feeling Good”

A touch of Art Therapy to lift our moods up. A wellbeing session in which we will work around feel-good images and slogans.

Landscape and Cityscape

Exploring a different perspective on the world around through collage and composition. We’ll also play with light boxes.

Our workshops are priced £15 for a session of two hours.

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