Simple Bugs

Insects are a great way to practice drawing symmetrically. Take this doodle as a mini training for eye and hand. You will need: ~ A4 card ~ Pencil and eraser ~ Watercolour/Ink/Colouring pencils ~ Paintbrush ~ Black fine-liner Find pictures of insects in a book or online. Draw them while giving them their bodies simple... Continue Reading →

Midcentury Style Doodle

Doodling is meditative and taps into raw creativity. It is a mini-flow experience that helps reconnect with the child within us. You will need: ~ A4 watercolour sheet cut in half. ~ Watercolour pencils or paint, or ink. ~ Paintbrushes ~ Black fine-liner Paint (or draw with your watercolour pencils) different irregular shapes. Let the... Continue Reading →

Watercolour Play

On Wednesday, the children had a go at watercolour painting. They started with off with a simple abstract art. Then, when they got the hang of this simple technique, they started colouring around their names. I was very impressed with how they sat so nicely throughout the session and were calmly engaged with their work.

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