Watercolour Botanical Layering Tutorial

Zoe has prepared this step-by-step succulents watercolour painting, to show simply how to use a technique called colour layering. We will practice this new skill in our Botanical Workshop, but why not try this at home, or better, in your garden? When you feel confident, here is a bit more of a challenge:

Plants Doodle and Magazine Collage

One of our favourite illustration things to do is to mix doodle and magazines. This project is great fun to assemble, and also make great greeting cards (on sale on our Etsy Shop). We're happy to share a FREE example sheet to download. You will need: Magazine pictures of plants or flowersA4 white cardBlack fine-linersGlue... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Dreamcatcher

We really enjoyed making this tutorial video for Guildhall Shopping and Dining, and thought to share it here for inspire you to make this super cute little craft. They are giving away 100 Rainbow Dreamcatcher crafting packs created by Bunyip Crafts. We're looking forward to posting more tutorials on our youtube channel soon with our... Continue Reading →

Hexagon Cards

These hexagon cards are made with a simple hexagon cutter and pieces of inspiring cards or paper. Created these is like making a small puzzle of colours and prints and it is hugely addictive! You will need: Vaessen hexagon punchBlank white cardColoured and patterned cards (matt covers of magazines work well) Punch a good selection... Continue Reading →

Beach Art

What is more meditative than collecting shells and driftwood on the beach? Time for some Beach Art! Lots of materials to draw from on the beach. Take a stroll along the shore and collect natural treasures to create your ‘beach art’.Use drift wood to frame your picture or create trees or boat shapes.Choose different sized... Continue Reading →

Garland Girl

Summer is here! Take inspiration from blooming gardens and create your own 'Garland Girl'. Find some images of flowers in old books and magazines.You could look online to print some images out or even draw your own. On your paper sketch a face and hair. Look at pictures of faces to help you draw or sketch... Continue Reading →

Shapely Elephant

This beautiful elephant collage is made of simple shapes cut out in contrasting papers and card. Make sure you gather different texture and colour paper: shiny, vivid colours and dull (cardboard). You will need: ~ Coloured, patterned paper, recycled cardboard ~ Coloured card for background ~ Scissors ~ Glue Cut out the different parts from... Continue Reading →

Zoom Pictionary

As children are increasingly missing seeing their friends, we've been trying to find ways for them to play online and bond again through games. We successfully played Bingo and Lego challenges on Zoom this weekend, and today we made up our own version of Pictionary for Zoom. You can download a pdf of the game... Continue Reading →

Paper Windmill

For a cheerful dash of colour in your garden or on a windowsill, try this little paper project! You will need: ~ coloured paper/card ~ split pins or a button tied to a bit of yarn. ~ plastic straws ~ scissors Print out the template below and cut it out. Trace the square of your... Continue Reading →

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