Paper Guys and Dolls

Let's be Fashion Designers for a day! Lots of decisions to make: what shape, colour, pattern for your outfit? What accessories? Zoe has created lots of options for you to dress your paper doll or guy in the templates below. You will need: ~ Old magazines ~ Scissors ~ Glue Cut out the figure templates... Continue Reading →

Pen and Paper Portrait

In our people's series, we're taking a look at others and ourselves. This project will give you a chance to have a go at one of art oldest's drawing practice: self-portrait! You will need: ~ A4 card ~ Tissue paper ~ Black fine-liner ~ Glue Sit in front of a mirror and practice drawing yourself... Continue Reading →

Comic Style Cosmonaut

The new theme of the week is people and places: plenty of fun to be had! We start off with this stunning fine-liner illustration, which a good practice for comic illustrators-to-be. You will need: ~ Graph paper or the template below ~ Black Fine-Liner ~ Watercolour paint or pencils ~ Paintbrush Use the Astronaut print... Continue Reading →

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