Urban Collage

Why not use a collection of eclectic house pictures as building blocks to make your own cityscape? You will need:~ Old magazines ~ Scissors ~ Glue Look through magazines for images of buildings and building materials such as bricks,wood and stone.Cut out different sized rectangles to represent houses, apartment blocks, shops and other buildings for... Continue Reading →

Pattern Landscapes

Make your pen and pencils travel in all directions, with this pattern drawing activity. You're the master of your imaginary domain when creating these wavy, stripy and starry patterns. You will need:  ~ Card or paper ~ Scissors ~ Black fine-liners ~ Neon highlighters, felt pens, colouring pencils TREE Have a go at drawing your... Continue Reading →

Picture Window

We're exploring different views and horizons this week. We thought it would be fun to create imaginary landscapes to ornate your home, that become windows opening onto other worlds. Working from triangle shape, we make a mountain scenery with landscape pictures from magazines. You will need: ~ Old magazines ~ Half A4 card cut horizontally... Continue Reading →

Inside/Out Planet

Our theme this week is landscapes and cityscapes. This cut out collage plays with positive and negative shapes creating a simple but striking piece of paper art. You will need: ~ Two different coloured pieces of paper: one larger than the other ~ A pencil ~ Scissors ~ Glue On your smaller piece of paper... Continue Reading →

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