Simple Bugs

Insects are a great way to practice drawing symmetrically. Take this doodle as a mini training for eye and hand. You will need: ~ A4 card ~ Pencil and eraser ~ Watercolour/Ink/Colouring pencils ~ Paintbrush ~ Black fine-liner Find pictures of insects in a book or online. Draw them while giving them their bodies simple... Continue Reading →

Neon Puffer Fish

Oh we do love a sea creature! We've been trying to find things to do with the big Neon Stars that I had a stationary leftover. Lucas made up a patterned sea monster and we've also made a puffer fish. You will need: ~ A big neon star (or use template below on coloured/neon paper)... Continue Reading →

Paper Guys and Dolls

Let's be Fashion Designers for a day! Lots of decisions to make: what shape, colour, pattern for your outfit? What accessories? Zoe has created lots of options for you to dress your paper doll or guy in the templates below. You will need: ~ Old magazines ~ Scissors ~ Glue Cut out the figure templates... Continue Reading →

Pen and Paper Portrait

In our people's series, we're taking a look at others and ourselves. This project will give you a chance to have a go at one of art oldest's drawing practice: self-portrait! You will need: ~ A4 card ~ Tissue paper ~ Black fine-liner ~ Glue Sit in front of a mirror and practice drawing yourself... Continue Reading →

Comic Style Cosmonaut

The new theme of the week is people and places: plenty of fun to be had! We start off with this stunning fine-liner illustration, which a good practice for comic illustrators-to-be. You will need: ~ Graph paper or the template below ~ Black Fine-Liner ~ Watercolour paint or pencils ~ Paintbrush Use the Astronaut print... Continue Reading →

Butterfly Bunting

Here is a simple project to create an original and cheerful bunting. You will need: ~ Coloured or patterned paper ~ String or yarn ~ Glue ~ Scissors Collect together coloured and patterned papers. These could be from spare magazines or bits of wrapping paper.Use your butterfly stencil to draw lots of butterflies onto your... Continue Reading →

Honeycomb and Bee

A bit of geometric play, painting and drawing with this project that makes a great greeting cards for the Spring/Summer. You will need: ~ Half an A4 card folded in two ~ Watercolour/Ink/Colouring pencils ~ Paintbrush ~ Black Fine-Liner Print out the hexagon template below. Cut out one hexagon for your stencil/template. Draw 3 staggered... Continue Reading →

Paper Butterfly

We’ve made these butterflies to brighten up our bedroom. You can also make hearts with the template below.  You can either make use your butterfly collage with tissue paper or with magazine strips. You will need:  ~ White A4 card or cardboard (cereal box or other). ~ Glue (Pritt Stick or PVA) ~ Tissue paper... Continue Reading →

Butterfly Collection

This week is all about our favoured garden winged creatures, moths, butterflies and bees. We're creating a collection of butterflies to hang on your wall. For a lovely vintage effect, we paint or draw them on a circle cutout of a book page. You will need: ~ Old book pages ~ A pencil and eraser... Continue Reading →

Midcentury Style Doodle

Doodling is meditative and taps into raw creativity. It is a mini-flow experience that helps reconnect with the child within us. You will need: ~ A4 watercolour sheet cut in half. ~ Watercolour pencils or paint, or ink. ~ Paintbrushes ~ Black fine-liner Paint (or draw with your watercolour pencils) different irregular shapes. Let the... Continue Reading →

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