Paper Guys and Dolls

Let's be Fashion Designers for a day! Lots of decisions to make: what shape, colour, pattern for your outfit? What accessories? Zoe has created lots of options for you to dress your paper doll or guy in the templates below. You will need: ~ Old magazines ~ Scissors ~ Glue Cut out the figure templates... Continue Reading →

Butterfly Bunting

Here is a simple project to create an original and cheerful bunting. You will need: ~ Coloured or patterned paper ~ String or yarn ~ Glue ~ Scissors Collect together coloured and patterned papers. These could be from spare magazines or bits of wrapping paper.Use your butterfly stencil to draw lots of butterflies onto your... Continue Reading →

Newspaper Unicorn

We are super magpies at the Art Club, and we squirrel away all types of shiny, colourful and interesting bits. So when we stumble upon an exciting project we can dress it up glamorously. Like this very colourful Unicorn! You will need: ~ Old newspaper ~ A4 card or paper for background ~ Glue ~... Continue Reading →

Tropical Colouring

Get your colouring pencils ready! With these beautiful make-you-own colour-by-number sheets you can choose brilliant colours for your tropical animals! Print off your animal outline. Make your own colour chart in the boxes and number them.Write your numbers in the different drawn areas of your animal.Follow your colour code to fill in the areas using,... Continue Reading →

Watercolour Doodle

Doodle time! Let your imagination guide you and use this technique to create fun animals, monsters and other creatures. You will need:  ~ Watercolour paper or A4 Card from Poundland ~¬†Watercolour pencils¬†or any paint of your choice or coloured ink. ~ Black fine-liner ~ Paint brush Using watercolour paper, thick paper or card. Use different coloured inks,... Continue Reading →

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