Monster Mash

We had a lot of Neon Stars in our supplies, and it was invitation for new fun projects. Neon Pufferfish was a hit amongst our young artists. Younger children love a wacky and friendly monster with an extra serving of googly eyes! You will need Neon ‘price stars’ or neon card. ScissorsGluePipe cleanersColoured papersGoogly eyes.... Continue Reading →

Paper Pompom

One quick and colourful little summer project, to cheer up an indoors day! This is a simple technique that you can use for all kinds of ball decorations. We did a bauble with recycled Christmas cards last year. You will need: 3 inches circle hole punch or a circle template of 3 inches. Colourful papers... Continue Reading →

Painted Poppies

It's so freeing sometimes to get the paints out with no fixed intention. We regularly cover the table with a big sheet and get creating. Mark-making is a playful way to paint and experiment with paint-brushes. This project plays on impressions of the brush on the paper and colours. You will need: ~ Poster paint/watercolour/ink... Continue Reading →

Gaudi Froggy Mosaic

Gaudi is a great Artist to introduce children to the art of assembling colours and patterns abstractly. We made this Gaudi style paper mosaic collage using the tiles section of an old interior design magazine. You will need: ~ An old magazine (World of Interiors is ideal with its thick glossy paper) ~ PVA glue... Continue Reading →

Beach Art

What is more meditative than collecting shells and driftwood on the beach? Time for some Beach Art! Lots of materials to draw from on the beach. Take a stroll along the shore and collect natural treasures to create your ‘beach art’.Use drift wood to frame your picture or create trees or boat shapes.Choose different sized... Continue Reading →

Garland Girl

Summer is here! Take inspiration from blooming gardens and create your own 'Garland Girl'. Find some images of flowers in old books and magazines.You could look online to print some images out or even draw your own. On your paper sketch a face and hair. Look at pictures of faces to help you draw or sketch... Continue Reading →

Toucan Collage

At the Art Club we love an animal collage. This project uses tissue paper to give your animal some texture and colour. You will need: ~ White A4 card or paper. ~ Glue (Pritt Stick or PVA) ~ Tissue paper ~ Googly eyes Draw your own Toucan or use the stencil to draw round on... Continue Reading →

Crockery Designs

Crockery designs from the past inspired this watercolour painting project. Our cupboards are filled with these intricate, stylised, floral designs, and they make a good model for watercolour practice. You will need: ~ A4 card/watercolour paper ~ Watercolour or ink ~ Paintbrush ~ Pencil and rubber ~ Black fine-liner ~ Your favourite bit of crockery... Continue Reading →

Paint and Paper Flowers

Painted paper scraps are a little treasure stash we love building and using. We make them patterned for some projects or we keep random scraps for abstract work. We made these flowers by using paper that we used for watercolour mark-making practice. You will need: ~ Normal white or pastel colour A4 paper ~ Watercolour/poster... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Bugs

They are the little beauties buzzing and crawling around our gardens, or in the pages of an old magazine... This is a quick way of creating fabulous little critters: magazine and fine-liner doodle. You will need: ~ An old magazine ~ Scissors ~ Fine-liner ~ Glue Find textures and patterns in an old magazine or... Continue Reading →

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