Painted Poppies

It’s so freeing sometimes to get the paints out with no fixed intention. We regularly cover the table with a big sheet and get creating.

Mark-making is a playful way to paint and experiment with paint-brushes. This project plays on impressions of the brush on the paper and colours.

You will need:

~ Poster paint/watercolour/ink

~ Paper

~ Different sizes and shape paint-brushes

~ Small bubble wrap

  1. Set up your page in a landscape position.
  2. Also have another sheet of paper to test paint-brushes strokes.
  3. Start painting random diagonal lines of green across the sheet.
  4. With a big flat paint-brush make flat dark orange makes that resemble the petals of a poppies, a bit randomly as well, imitating a field of flowers.
  5. Apply light blue paint on small bubble wrap (or back of pizza polystyrene tray) in some of the empty white spaces of the sheet.
  6. Then apply black paint with either with the tip of a small paintbrush or with a watercolour fan brush.
  7. Finally, splatter pink paint gently all over the sheet.
  8. What other flower could you create when mark-making?

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