Gaudi Froggy Mosaic

Gaudi is a great Artist to introduce children to the art of assembling colours and patterns abstractly.

We made this Gaudi style paper mosaic collage using the tiles section of an old interior design magazine.

You will need:

~ An old magazine (World of Interiors is ideal with its thick glossy paper)

~ PVA glue or glue stick

~ Scissors

~ Frog template below.

  1. Print out the template, preferably on white card.
  2. Select a few good pages of a magazine.
  3. When you have gathered a good mix of patterns and colours, decide what your colour scheme will be.
  4. 4 colours creates a nice balance, a contrasting vivid primary colour gives your mosaic that colouful Gaudi touch.
  5. Cut your ‘paper tiles’ purposely in uneven shapes.
  6. Then proceed to glue them on your template.
  7. Have fun experimenting with more animals!

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