Paint and Paper Flowers

Painted paper scraps are a little treasure stash we love building and using. We make them patterned for some projects or we keep random scraps for abstract work.

We made these flowers by using paper that we used for watercolour mark-making practice.

You will need:

~ Normal white or pastel colour A4 paper

~ Watercolour/poster paint or ink

~ Paintbrush

~ Scissors

~ Pipecleaners

  1. Print out the template below. Draw around them and cut them out.
  2. On an A4 paper start using different mark-making techniques (examples below).
  3. There, you can get as creative as you wish, we like splattering for example.
  4. To create a nice effect for your flower, do leave out a good portion of it white/unpainted.
  5. Let the paper dry and either draw circles on them, and then create the shape of flower your prefer.
  6. Or draw around the flower templates directly.
  7. Fold your flowers into four and cut the pointy bit in the centre for a 1mm diameter centre.
  8. Then thread your pipe cleaner into the three centers.
  9. You could make it into a postcard

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