Simple Bugs

Insects are a great way to practice drawing symmetrically. Take this doodle as a mini training for eye and hand.

You will need:

~ A4 card

~ Pencil and eraser

~ Watercolour/Ink/Colouring pencils

~ Paintbrush

~ Black fine-liner

  1. Find pictures of insects in a book or online.
  2. Draw them while giving them their bodies simple roundish geometrical shape.
  3. When you are satisfied with your pencil sketch, start colouring it in.
  4. You can use muted shades of watercolour or colouring pencil.
  5. Let it dry, and start outlining the inside sections of the bugs bodies as well as their mandibles and legs.
  6. Mark the joints of their legs with exaggerated dots.
  7. Frame it if you’re happy or use a couple of bugs to make a card!

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