Neon Puffer Fish

Oh we do love a sea creature!
We’ve been trying to find things to do with the big Neon Stars that I had a stationary leftover. Lucas made up a patterned sea monster and we’ve also made a puffer fish.

You will need:

~ A big neon star (or use template below on coloured/neon paper)

~ Black pen

~ Coloured paper for the fins

~ Scissors and glue

  1. Print out the template and trace on coloured paper and white paper for eyes and mouth.
  2. Draw spikes around in circles from outside to inside.
  3. Draw beady black eyes in the middle of the white circles from the template.
  4. Paste the pieces of the mouth together.
  5. Glue eyes and mouth on your puffer fish but away from the centre towards your left.
  6. Cut incisions in the fins to create a frilly edge and glue them to the back of your puffer fish.
  7. What other creature could you make up with neon stars? A Hedgehog?

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