Paper Guys and Dolls

Let’s be Fashion Designers for a day!

Lots of decisions to make: what shape, colour, pattern for your outfit? What accessories?

Zoe has created lots of options for you to dress your paper doll or guy in the templates below.

You will need:

~ Old magazines

~ Scissors

~ Glue

  1. Cut out the figure templates on the print out and draw round them to create your silhouettes.
  2. Or use it as a guide and draw your own ‘Guys and Dolls’. The same with the ‘clothes’ templates.
  3. Find interesting patterns and textures from magazines, packaging and wrapping paper or create your own.
  4. Use your templates to cut out different items of clothing and accessories to adorn your model.
  5. Give them a hair-do, face and name to bring them into character.
  6. You could create a background to place them somewhere: singing on stage, in a street scene, playing their favourite sport, walking a their dog.
  7. Have fun bringing your ‘Guys and Dolls’ to life! 

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