Pen and Paper Portrait

In our people’s series, we’re taking a look at others and ourselves. This project will give you a chance to have a go at one of art oldest’s drawing practice: self-portrait!

You will need:

~ A4 card

~ Tissue paper

~ Black fine-liner

~ Glue

  1. Sit in front of a mirror and practice drawing yourself with a pencil
    or fine-liner pen.
  2. Don’t worry about accuracy, as often drawing quickly can achieve a great result!
  3. You could draw without taking your pen off the paper, or use your left hand for a more abstract result.
  4. Once you have outlined your face and features (making sure you have added your shoulders or top) add detail by glueing on pieces of tissue paper.
  5. Create a patterned fabric for your top or jumper, define your hair, eyes or lips or add an accessory.
  6. Overlapping different colours can add tones and texture.
  7. Draw your friend or family member if they will sit still!

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