Comic Style Cosmonaut

The new theme of the week is people and places: plenty of fun to be had!

We start off with this stunning fine-liner illustration, which a good practice for comic illustrators-to-be.

You will need:

~ Graph paper or the template below

~ Black Fine-Liner

~ Watercolour paint or pencils

~ Paintbrush

  1. Use the Astronaut print out or find some graph paper (you could use an old maths book).
  2. Use a black fine liner pen to draw your astronaut and fill in detail on your astronaut’s backpack, helmet and space suit. Do they have any zips, pockets or fastens?
  3. Create your space background by drawing stars, planets, satellites, rockets or even aliens!
  4. Imagine what your astronaut can see before them…the Milky Way, Venus, Craters of the moon…draw or paint this view using watercolour paints, ink or watered down paints.
  5. By slightly wetting a fine paintbrush with water you can create shading by gently painting over your black lines. You could practice on a separate sheet.
  6. If you have a silver pen, glitter, foil, metallic paper or star stickers add some sparkle and bring your space scape to life.
Your template to print out!

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