Butterfly Bunting

Here is a simple project to create an original and cheerful bunting.

You will need:

~ Coloured or patterned paper

~ String or yarn

~ Glue

~ Scissors

  1. Collect together coloured and patterned papers. These could be from spare magazines or bits of wrapping paper.
  2. Use your butterfly stencil to draw lots of butterflies onto your different papers.
  3. Cut them and fold them slightly.
  4. Find some string or wool and glue two butterflies in their middle on each side of the string.
  5. Let the glue dry and fold the butterfly’s wings up a bit to give it shape.
  6. Leave a space between each butterfly and tie a loop at each end so you can hang it in your house.
  7. You could decorate your bunting with stickers, sequins or painted patterns.
  8. You can try it with other shapes included in the templates sheet below!

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