Paper Butterfly

We’ve made these butterflies to brighten up our bedroom. You can also make hearts with the template below. 

You can either make use your butterfly collage with tissue paper or with magazine strips.

You will need: 

~ White A4 card or cardboard (cereal box or other).

~ Glue (Pritt Stick or PVA)

~ Tissue paper or magazine strips

~ Googly eyes

  1. Draw your own butterfly or use the stencil to draw round on a piece of paper. 
  2. If tissue paper collage: Cut, rip or scrunch little pieces of paper to glue on to your butterfly shape. Try to use lots of bright colours to make your butterfly cheerful! 
  3. Decorate with shiny sequins or stars!
  4. Why not try our Big Cat project using the same technique and tissue paper?
  5. If you’re using magazine strips: search in an old magazine for lovely patterns or colours that would make good wings for your butterfly.
  6. Arrange the strips and when you’re happy stick them down!
Butterfly by Uni, age 4

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