Butterfly Collection

This week is all about our favoured garden winged creatures, moths, butterflies and bees.

We’re creating a collection of butterflies to hang on your wall. For a lovely vintage effect, we paint or draw them on a circle cutout of a book page.

You will need:

~ Old book pages

~ A pencil and eraser

~ Fine-liner pen (black)

~ Watercolour/inks or colouring pencils

~ Paintbrush

~ Coloured paper or card

~ Glue and scissors

  1. Reference a butterfly book or look at images of butterflies and moths online.
  2. Try sketching out a few in draft to get the hang of drawing symmetrically.
  3. Draw some side on also.
  4. Cut 2 inch circles out of an old book or use a small lid to draw round.
  5. In pencil lightly draw your butterflies on the circles then add colour with watercolours or inks.
  6. When dry use a black fine liner pen to outline and add details to bring your butterflies to life.
  7. Glue them down to a piece of card then punch a hole for ribbon so you can hang your mini collection on display.
  8. A single mounted butterfly would make a lovely gift tag.

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