Urban Collage

Why not use a collection of eclectic house pictures as building blocks to make your own cityscape?

You will need:
~ Old magazines

~ Scissors

~ Glue

  1. Look through magazines for images of buildings and building materials such as bricks,wood and stone.
  2. Cut out different sized rectangles to represent houses, apartment blocks, shops and other buildings for your town.
  3. Find pictures of windows, doors and roof textures to collage on to your buildings or create your own details by cutting shapes from magazine paper.
  4. Have fun planning your town lay out by overlapping different buildings and adding extra details.
  5. When you’re happy with your design glue the pieces down and give your town or city a name.
  6. You could also bring this collage in 3D by sticking your pictures on boxes and create a mini city with characters!

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