Midcentury Style Doodle

Doodling is meditative and taps into raw creativity. It is a mini-flow experience that helps reconnect with the child within us.

You will need:

~ A4 watercolour sheet cut in half.

~ Watercolour pencils or paint, or ink.

~ Paintbrushes

~ Black fine-liner

  1. Paint (or draw with your watercolour pencils) different irregular shapes.
  2. Let the paint dry thoroughly (use a hair-dryer if in a rush).
  3. When dry, draw doodles in your colourful shapes.
  4. If lost for inspiration, you can find zentangles or patterns sheets on Pinterest.
  5. You can start out with smaller watercolour doodle project, like this design for a Midcentury Scandinavian fabric (below).

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