Pattern Landscapes

Make your pen and pencils travel in all directions, with this pattern drawing activity.

You’re the master of your imaginary domain when creating these wavy, stripy and starry patterns.

You will need: 

~ Card or paper

~ Scissors

~ Black fine-liners

~ Neon highlighters, felt pens, colouring pencils


  1. Have a go at drawing your own tree making sure the branches stretch of your page. 
  2. Leave some space between each branch. 
  3. Or use the template to trace the tree or cut it out to draw round.
  4. Instead of colouring your tree fill in the spaces between with different patterns; dots, stripes, scribbles, stars or hearts etc. 
  5. You could try a ‘monochrome’ one first in black and white, then a colourful version. It would look lovely on a card. 
  6. For an A6 card fold an A4 sheet of paper in half, cut, then fold in half.


  1. Use a ruler or something with a flat edge to draw your own landscape.
  2. Fill in your fields, mountains and sky with little patterns such as criss-cross, wiggly lines or swirls. 
  3. Add details such as a sun, clouds, moon, stars and trees…

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