Inside/Out Planet

Our theme this week is landscapes and cityscapes. This cut out collage plays with positive and negative shapes creating a simple but striking piece of paper art.

You will need:

~ Two different coloured pieces of paper: one larger than the other

~ A pencil

~ Scissors

~ Glue

  1. On your smaller piece of paper draw round a small plate or round lid to make a circle.
  2. Cut out your circle then draw different images from the edge of your circle going inwards.
  3. Choose simple shapes to make them easier to cut out.
  4. Try trees and flowers or animals or to make things easier cut out simple geometric or abstract shapes.
  5. You could ask and adult to help with this task.
  6. Keep your cut out pieces.
  7. Glue your circle to your other piece of paper, this will create ‘negative’ silhouettes where the bottom paper shows through.
  8. Glue your matching ‘positive’ silhouette shapes around the edge of your circle, they should look like a reflection.
  9. Have fun and find a frame to display your quirky collage.

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