Plants and Pots

A quick doodle during the day helps finding peace and quiet.

You will need:

~ A4 Card

~ Watercolour paint, colouring pencils or ink

~ Black fine-liner pencil

  1. Take a piece of plain card and use any colouring materials to draw or paint different sized plant pots or vase shapes leaving space above each for your plant collection.
  2. Look online or at any house or garden plants you have for shape inspiration.
  3. Use different colours to create textures and patterns on your pots.
  4. With colour add plants, leaves and flowers to a few of your pots.
  5. With a black fine liner draw more plants,stems,leaves and flower heads.
  6. You can outline details such as leaf shapes and pot patterns where you have coloured.
  7. Have fun!

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