Imagine Box

Create a fantastic world inside an old shoe box and have hours of fun and play.

You will need:

~ Old shoebox

~ Old magazine

~ Pompoms

~ Yarn

~ Animal or toys

  1. Choose a theme for your ‘imagine box’: future, under the sea, horses, rainforest, etc.
  2. Find some animal or figures that match your theme.
  3. In an old magazine look for a background and a ‘floor’ or ‘ground’. Cut and glue them nicely.
  4. Find some bits to decorate the inside of your box, painted pebbles, bits of dry lichen or fake greenery.
  5. Glue them to your box.
  6. Thread some pompoms onto a colourful bit of yarn and glue them to the top of your box to create a ‘sky’.
  7. Have playing with your imagine box!

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