Coast Path

We are all missing our beach trips, coast path rambles and sea views from craggy cliffs so we are taking our beautiful South West coastline for inspiration and bringing the coast to us!

You will need:

~ Old magazines or painted papers

~ Scissors

~ Glue

~ Old frame

  1. Do you have any beach holiday pictures or snaps of your coastal path climbs? Or look at pictures online of our South West coastline to inspire your ‘coastal collage’.
  2. Collect together tonal papers that reflect the colours of the sea, beach, rocks, and nature along the coastal path.
  3. You could used coloured pieces from magazines or create your own textures and shades of colour by painting papers with brushes and sponges.
  4. Scrunch up paper or use a dry brush to dab textures on top or flick ink or paint with a brush to make splatter marks.
  5. Be creative!

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