Cardboard Animals

Recycling time again and a bit of painting too. It’s always useful to collect toiler rolls as they are ideal to create little fun character.

You will need:

~ Toilet rolls

~ Poster paint

~ Paintbrushes

~ Glue

  1. Collect some toilet roll cardboard inners and decide what characters or animals you’d like to create.
  2. They could be superheroes, family members, robots, monsters or animals.
  3. Paint your cardboard rolls and a small piece of flat cardboard for the head.
  4. Add painted or collaged patterns and details to the body. Using the flat cardboard cut out your character’s head shape and paint a face.
  5. When dry cut a semi circle shape at the front and back of the bottom of the roll,this will create the legs.
  6. Glue the head on and any tails,wings,antennas or accessories to complete your character and bring it to life!

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