Creature Camouflage

Get lost in creating your own creature camouflage!

You will need:

~ A4 Card or Paper

~ Pencil

~ Colouring pencils

  1. Collect different leaf shapes from your garden or take a nature walk.
  2. Draw around them on your page making sure the shapes overlap.
  3. Where the lines overlap new shapes will appear for you to colour in a different colour to create a camouflage effect.
  4. Draw some jungle animals and rainforest creatures too within your forest foliage.
  5. Choose pencil crayons in shades of nature colours; greens, yellows, oranges, browns etc.
  6. Colour in each shape making sure to use a different colour for the adjacent shape.
  7. Your animals and creatures should peep through the jungle leaves.
  8. Ask someone to find your hidden beasts!

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