Bookish Hipsters

A bit of drawing this time with these super cool cats (and rabbits).

Drawing on old book pages makes a quirky background for colouring pencil creations. Why not have a go?

You will need:

~ Old book pages or newspaper

~ Colouring pencils

~ Pencil

~ Metallic marker (optional)

  1. Find an old book or some text from a newspaper or magazine to use for your animal character.
  2. Look at books or on the internet for animal ideas and shapes.
  3. Softly sketch out the outline with pencil, perhaps exaggerating the head to make for a quirky illustration.
  4. Think of your animal as a character when you decide what clothes and accessories it will have.
  5. Use pencil crayons to shade in the areas and details to create a soft cuddly effect.
  6. You could create a team of superhero or characters you could use in a story of your own.
  7. These could make a nice personalised birthday card for someone.
  8. Share a picture of it for us to post on our website and social media! Please email them to us at

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