Volunteers Needed: Headbands for Medical Staff

We are crafters as you might know and we’ve been seeing for a couple of weeks on social media that medical staff needed headbands for their long shifts wearing masks.

The masks hurt their ears and a great device to avoid this is a headband with buttons on the sides where they can hook the elastic bands.

I’ve asked on Mums in Exeter if people in medical professions would need these and the demand is pretty substantial.

Can you sew? Do you have fabric, elastic band and buttons? Would you like to help us producing these?

Whatever you are able to do, let us know, even if it’s just sewing buttons or cutting fabric. We would also appreciate donations of cotton fabric (fat quarter, quilting, etc.), buttons, elastic band and thread, and also big envelopes for packaging.

Contact us by email at artclubexeter@gmail.com

If you are able to make them completely:

Here is a great pattern, which I have been using for years. I’ve modified it to make it quicker to make by leaving the elastic band apparent (elastic band needs to be ideally 1 cm wide (maybe between 80mm and 2 cm is ok).

Also, as opposed to the tutorial here, we sew buttons to sit an inch away from the elastic band. Button need to be at least 2cm diameter to help hold the mask’s elastic band into place.

We use cotton or polycotton fabrics, ideally crafting and quilting.


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  1. Hello we are a Tiverton based small group of hobby to experienced makers (and members willing to do admin, co-ordination and distribution) who would like to do something to help the Frontline NHS and carer staff. We can make headbands, Laundry bags, masks and Scrubs. Let us know how we can help
    Many thanks

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