Fishy Collage

Animal collages are one of our favourite activities at the Art Club. Zoe has made stunning little composition, for you to play with. It can be used as an inspiration to make all sorts of animals!

You will need:

~ White A4 card for the background.

~ Scraps of coloured paper or card.

~ Old newspaper and black and white books.

~ Scissors.

~ Glue.

~ Shiny bits and goggly eyes.

  1. Collect together black and white pictures/scenes/textures from newspapers, magazines or an old book.
  2. Also some scraps of coloured papers.
  3. You could paint your own to make textures.
  4. Look at fish and underwater creatures in books or on the internet or just use your imagination.
  5. Loosely draw their shapes and cut out fish bodies, heads, fins and tails.
  6. Have fun arranging them.They could be swimming in different directions, in a shoal or being chased by a shark!
  7. Add eyes and bubbles with using paper (you could use a hole punch), round stickers or goggly eyes.
  8. Add sparkle with metallic paper, foil or sequins.
  9. Use this method to create animals of your choice; a flock of birds, a kaleidoscope if butterflies or a colony of rabbits.
  10. Share a picture of it for us to post on our website and social media! Please email them to us at

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