Shapely Elephant

This beautiful elephant collage is made of simple shapes cut out in contrasting papers and card. Make sure you gather different texture and colour paper: shiny, vivid colours and dull (cardboard).

You will need:

~ Coloured, patterned paper, recycled cardboard

~ Coloured card for background

~ Scissors

~ Glue

  1. Cut out the different parts from your elephant template.
  2. Use the shapes as templates to draw round on different coloured or textured papers.
  3. Cut out the elephant body parts and reassemble your patchwork elephant.
  4. Have fun creating more in different colour palettes. Metallic papers and sequins would add sparkle to your gentle giant. 
  5. Challenge – Can you draw your own stylised (simplified) version of an animal and divide it into parts to use as stencils for reassembling as a patchwork version? 
  6. Share a picture of it for us to post on our website and social media! Please email them to us at

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