Tweeting Birds

We’re big fans of animal collages. Spring and Easter are full of bird songs in our gardens and streets. This picture captures their cheerful tweets.

You will need:

~ A4 white card or paper

~ Old magazines pictures of flowers

~ Black fine-liner

~ Scissors

~ Glue

  1. Use your bird stencil to draw round and cut out a few different birds from patterned paper or magazines (you can draw your own patterns too).
  2. Stick your birds down, they could be on a branch you’ve drawn or flying in the sky.
  3. Cut out your ‘birdsong’ stencil from old music paper, or newspaper and give your bird a tune to sing!
  4. Draw on eyes and legs.
  5. A single bird would look lovely on a little card to send someone. 
  6. Share a picture of it for us to post on our website and social media! Please email them to us at

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