Paper Flower ‘LOVE’

Get you scissors ready for composing this gorgeous floral ‘LOVE’ sign.

  1. Collect different coloured papers and draw a variety of leaf, flower and circle shapes in a mix of sizes.
  2. Use scissors to cut fine pieces out of your circles to create a stylised flower head adding circles to make a centre.
  3. Similarly snip along the outer leaves to feather them or cut out larger pieces to create a tropical look.
  4. Fold leaves in half and cut small shapes from the centre fold to create holes within the leaves.
  5. Have a play arranging your paper flora and forna layering into into a garland shape or along a branch or as a bouquet.
  6. Use thicker cardboard pieces on the back of your shapes to create different heights in your collage.
  7. Perhaps add a word to your arrangement: ’welcome’, ‘love’, ‘good luck’.
  8. Share a picture of it for us to post on our website and social media! Please email them to us at

For more ideas, check out this gorgeous paper composition (template and example below)

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