Salty Seagull

A bit of seaside fun with this cheeky seagull project, with a lot room for creativity too.

~ White card paper

~ Coloured background paper

~ Post-it notes

~ Glue

~ Coloured pencils

~ Scissors

  1. Cut out your seagull, hat, boots and cloud stencils.
  2. Use the templates to draw round on white paper/card and cut out the shapes (or just use the stencil you’ve printed).
  3. Glue down your shapes and draw your seagull some legs and an eye.
  4. You can design a patterned jumper and colour in the hat and wellies.
  5. Add your clouds and draw seagulls in the sky.
  6. What else do you see by the sea? Ice creams, fish and chips, sandcastles…Have fun adding your own ideas!
  7. Snap a picture and send it to us to post here and social media:

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