Paper Windmill

For a cheerful dash of colour in your garden or on a windowsill, try this little paper project!

You will need:

~ coloured paper/card

~ split pins or a button tied to a bit of yarn.

~ plastic straws

~ scissors

  1. Print out the template below and cut it out. Trace the square of your coloured paper, and cut it out. Trace diagonal lines accross your square and mark the center lines of your windmill (cross shape in middle of template). Cut about two thirds of the diagonal as marked by dotted lines on template. Punch or pierce holes where indicated,

2. Thread your split pin through the first two holes.

3. Then the third.

4. and the fourth…

5. and finally the center hole.

6. block the paper by opening your split pin slightly.

7. Pierce one entry and exit hole through the straw with pointy end of sharp pair of scissors.

8. Thread the split pin through the straw and open the sides. Voila!

9. Share a picture of it for us to post on our website and social media! Please email them to us at

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