Terrarium and Trees

At the Art Club, we love foliage, flowers and nature. Two little projects here to brighten up your interior with some exterior!

You will need:

~ Watercolour paper or A4 Card from Poundland (give us a shout if you don’t any of these and will find a way to deliver in St James at least!)

Watercolour pencils 

Black fine-liner (Stabilo ’88’)

Watercolour paintbrushes

~ Old clean cloth to wipe and rest paintbrush

  1. Terrarium: Looking at house plants for reference, use inks or watercolours to paint a bundle of succulents, plants and flowers.
  2. Use a ruler and black fineliner pen to create a terrarium or greenhouse around your mini garden.
  3. Little Forest– Use a limited palette of inks or watercolours to paint varying flat or textured tree shapes,some with branches and leaves.
  4. Once dry use a black fine liner to add leaf,l ine and pattern detail to bring your forest to life!
  5. Share a picture of it for us to post on our website and social media! Please email them to us at artclubexeter@gmail.com

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