Millenium Falcon Collage

One for the geeky kids! This a great cheap and simple way of created this iconic Star Wars spaceship: with cardboard and old magazines.

You will need:

~Large piece of cardboard (ie inside of a cereal packet)

~ 3 different sized circles to draw round; plates, saucers, lids etc.

~ Magazines or different tones of paper.

~ Scissors and glue.

  1. Draw round your largest plate to make a circle shape at one end of your card piece leaving some space either side.
  2. Next use your middle sized saucer to draw a circle inside the larger circle.
  3. Lastly draw a smaller circle in the center using a cup, jar lid or tape roll.
  4. Use a ruler to draw two parallel lines forward from your large circle and again to draw diagonal lines from the sides of your circle to create the two front pieces of the space craft.
  5. Use your ruler to draw the ‘cab’ to one side. This is just a guide, feel free to change the dimensions or create your own space craft design.
  6. Cut up small random shapes from an old magazine or pieces of paper in different tones and stick them into the different parts of your design.
  7. Your craft can be any colours you choose. Be creative with detail using kitchen foil, metallic paper or stickers. 
  8. Could you decorate your background with planets, shooting stars or other small craft?
  9.  Hole punch 2 holes at the top end of your card and thread through some string or ribbon to hang your super space craft! 
  10. Share a picture of it for us to post on our website and social media! Please email them to us at

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