‘LOVE’ Sign

Let’s spread some LOVE today!

This paint project is easy, colourful and fun, and a nice one to display at your window. Plus, you can two signs with one.

You will need:

~ Cardboard

~ Masking tape (or ‘frog’ decorators tape), or washi tape

~ Paint and paint brushes

~ Cotton buds, corks, toilet rolls, pen lids

  1. Use pieces your masking tape to spell LOVE or your name or another word on your piece of cardboard.
  2. Use brushes, cotton buds or your fingers to paint patterns all over your cardboard making sure you cover all edges of your tape.
  3. You could use pen lids, corks or the end of toilet rolls to print some circles and dots.
  4. Add different coloured detail to make your funky sign.
  5. When dry (you can use a hairdryer) carefully peel
    off your tape to reveal your LOVE letters!
  6. You can use your colourful tape to make another sign!
  7. Share a picture of it for us to post on our website and social media! Please email them to us at artclubexeter@gmail.com

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