Glam Fox and Cat Postcard

This is a cute, quick and easy project to make a postcard for any occasion.

You will need:

~ Watercolour paper or A4 Card from Poundland

~ Watercolour pencils or any watercolour of your choice or coloured ink.

~ Watercolour paintbrushes

~ Black fine-liner (Stabilo ’88’)

~ Pencil

  1. Fold your A4 card into 2 and cut it in half. Then fold into 2 again to get a postcard format.
  2. Draw the outline of your fox or cat in pencil.
  3. Colour in with watercolour pencils or straight on watercolour or even colouring pens/pencils.
  4. You can draw finer features (ears, whiskers, nose and eyes) with a fine-liner or with fine brush and paint.
  5. When dry, erase the outline
  6. What other stripy animal could you make up?
  7. Share a picture of it for us to post on our website and social media! Please email them to us at

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