Pattern Fun

Patterns are an exciting way to exercise your creativity and play with abstraction.
We have prepared 4 different supports to colourful or black white patterned doodles.

You will need:

~ Card or paper

~ Scissors

~ Black fine-liners

~ Neon highlighters, felt pens, colouring pencils


  1. Use the template to copy, or find some leaves outside and draw their shape.
  2. Divide up your leaf into sections and take your time to fill them in with lovely patterns.
  3. Maybe choose a few colours to go with your black line detail.
  4. If you use an A4 piece of paper you could frame your picture as a gift.


  1. Use a ruler or something with a flat edge to divide your paper up into random geometric shapes.
  2. Fill your shapes with colour or pattern using pens or pencil crayons.
  3. Or you could use the template to cut up, colour in and put back together in a different order.

Have fun being creative! 

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