Barcode Robot

Now more than ever is time to look into your cupboards and recycling bins for materials to make art at home.

Hunt around the house for barcodes to create these fun little robots:

You will need

~ Cardboard

~ Paper.

~Recycled materials: cereal boxes, food packets, newspapers etc.

~ Scissors

~ Glue

  1. Cut out different sized squares, rectangle and other shapes.
  2. Cut out the barcodes and small shapes for buttons and details.
  3. Have a play assembling your robot’s body, head,arms and legs.
  4. What details do you want to add? Buttons, antennae, eyes, etc.
  5. Are they saying something?!
  6. Glue down your pieces.
  7. Snap a picture of your Barcode Robot and send it to us to post here and social media:

Tips: Maybe you could make a robot-pet with the left over scraps!

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