Busy List for Kids

Things to do at home:

Books and Stories:

BorrowBox: You can borrow audiobooks online and via an app from your local library with your library login. Lots of choice from Tom Gates to Captain Underpants and many less known titles and authors.

BBC School podcasts has lots of hidden quality stories told in a very modern and fun way. There is various brilliant series on Greek Myths, Roman history but also traditional tales.

Story Nory is a lovely British story podcast with its homegrown series, like Wicked Uncle and also plenty of simply retold Greek myths.

Storyline Online is an app and a youtube channel. American Actors like Kristen Bell read out great picture books and discuss them, for a slightly younger audience.

StoryPirates is a wacky American story improv’ podcast for kids. They host an American actor/figure who takes part in their super whimsical adventures in every episode.

Scholastic is giving free access to ebooks online and it’s organised by age group, which is handy.

Oxford Reading Tree has bundles of their books online in an ebook format, for young readers.

Poet Michael Rosen: has 48 hours of stories and poetry on Youtube.

The lovely Oliver Jeffers is also reading one book a day on his website.

Audible has made a few kids audiobooks titles available for free.


Ted-Ed has a myriad of short educational videos about every imaginable subject. My boys are big fans of the ‘Think Like a Coder‘ series, which teaches the reasoning behind coding.

Wow In the World: we just love it! The boys can quote some episodes by heart they have listened to them so much. It’s a science podcast with fresh scientific research incorporated into a hilarious story.

PBS Deep Look has beautiful videos mostly about biology. Deep Look puts nature under a microscope and ‘explore the scientific mysteries by going incredibly small’.

Science Friday: for the nerdiest and oldest kids, or to listen and explain together.

Khan Academy has tons of free maths tutorials from age 6 onwards.

Top Marks is a great maths game to do online.

Learn French

Netflix: you can watch friends kids cartoons in French with English subtitles. Our recommendations are Trotro, Yakari, and SamSam.


GoNoodle: they use this in my youngest’s school and kids love it. It’s a ‘Just Dance for kids. If you want to shake your hips to ‘Love Shack’, instructed by a giant moose-man, GoNoodle is the place.

PE with Joe is a youtube class to get kids moving!


Tom McLaughlin: Exeter based children’s author and illustrator gives free doodling tutorials on youtube.

Draw Everyday with JJK: free doodling tutorial for kids every day.


Our Pinterest board is filled with art and crafts projects for kids and adults. Over the next few weeks will also post simple step-by-step projects on Instagram and our Facebook page.

Geek zone: Lego and Chess

JangBricks: ‘Jang’ is a designer who reinvented himself into a Lego set reviewer. His reviews are very detailed, engaging, with fantastic vocabulary and never dull.

Chesskids.com: for kids to play chess with their friends online. Check out the crazy usernames!

Did we miss anything? Use the comment section for more quality entertainment for kids.

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