Christmas Recycling

Christmas Pudding

Christmas is full of sweet traditions: the food, the cards, the presents, the crackers, the crown…

More people are now opting out the wasteful use of crackers, manufactured cards and crackers.

If you’re not giving up fully of these Christmas treats, there are lots of good ways to recycle into original kids art projects.

In our last session, for example, we made Christmas baubles out of old Christmas cards.

This 2020 at the Art Club, we’ll be looking at recycling materials as much as we can.

Think about it: crackers crowns are made of tissue paper which we’ve been using for self-portraits, Christmas paper can line a shoe box for a Diorama, and Xmas cards and crackers can be re-used in a variety of projects.

In a nutshell, could you please save these? paper crowns, nice Xmas paper, cards and crackers. Bring it to us at the Art Club and we’re happy store it for future projects!

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